BODY Inner Beauty Support

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This delicious vegan, probiotic protein powder is an advanced blend which not only supports muscle recovery, but helps prevent signs of premature ageing.

The sophisticated formula of Body includes over 40 Certified Organic wholefood ingredients, as well as Vitamin D which helps to build, repair and maintain healthy muscles and Vitamin C to protect against free radicals and signs of ageing in the skin.

A single serve provides 100% of your RDI of Vitamin C and 50% of your RDI of Vitamin D. The unique Flora Culture™ fermentation process by The Beauty Chef creates a natural broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut for radiant skin and general wellbeing.

BODY is - vegan, microbiologist-approved, not tested on animals, non GMO, no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, no added gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or nuts.

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