Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash


Skin Refining Cleanser

A sophisticated facial wash which works to purify, renew and revitalise the skin. The skin-refining cleanser will exfoliate away dead skin cells and surface layer build-up to reveal a radiant and smooth complexion beneath.

Gentle enough for daily use this luscious formula includes the Tri-Enzyme Technology patented by ELEMIS to resurface the skin, as well as Brazilian Babassu oil and Moringa. These fatty acids and antioxidant-rich ingredients provide deep nourishment and replenishment to the skin, helping to maintain the skin's natural defense system.

White Truffle Poria Cocos is a soothing and enriching addition to the facial cleansing wash, supporting the skin's microflora for overall health and balance. Achieve clearer, smoother and more radiant looking skin with this skincare favourite.

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